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Leah Bae

Leah Bae

Digital Strategist, Research & Engagement

E: leah.bae [at]
T: 604.681.3030 x 48

At Stratcom, Leah leads digital strategy for clients. She is responsible for the development and delivery of Stratcom’s digital engagement tools, including Hustle and Mobilise.

Her focus lies in the intersection of technology and politics, leveraging tech for public good. She has worked on digital transformation programs globally with Fortune 500 companies and MPs in UK Parliament. She previously directed a federal not-for-profit, lobbying education policymakers to establish student trustee positions and student voice frameworks in school boards to ensure that students were represented in the policymaking process. As part of her work, she has advised and consulted for numerous politicians and community leaders on digital initiatives and youth engagement, contributing to her hypothesis that greater civic engagement leads to healthier societies. Leah is a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum, Social Innovation Fellow at RADIUS SFU, and receipient of the TD Scholarship for Community Leadership.