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Broadcast Voice Message

We pioneered the concept of strategically integrating Broadcast Voice Messages (BVMs) into communications and campaigns strategies.

Our experience has shown that BVMs are an extremely cost effective way to build participation and awareness. A simple thank you BVM can improve relations with all your members and supporters.

A BVM allows you to speak directly to your donors, members or supporters with short pre-recorded messages; an ideal way to raise awareness at critical times, and press home your message.

BVMs can also be adapted to gather information from your target audience (using automated data collection) or to direct them to a live operator for more complex surveying and message delivery.

We will work with you to design the message and strategy – all you need is a list to call and a reason to contact your donors or members.


Let your supporters, members and donors know about the good work you’ve been doing. An update by voicemail is a simple way to maintain active support for your campaign and ensure your message is top of mind. Ask your supporters to “opt-in” to telephone action alerts.


Donor and membership feedback surveys can be delivered through automated messages. Our system accurately captures the response of your members regarding important internal and external issues facing your organization.

Event Promotion

Need to promote attendance at an event? Use some of your advertising budget for a BVM, a very cost-effective way to promote large attendance.

List Building

With our interactive features, BVMs can be used to develop a list of respondents interested in your issue, or receptive to particular messages. This can be particularly effective for segregating or qualifying large lists into more responsive sub-groups for further communications, activism purposes.

An Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) is an automated message which allows you to ask live respondents questions that they answer via their phone’s keypad. Stratcom’s IVRs are unique because we maximize live answers, and leave a toll free number in order to increase reponses.