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Stratcom in Direct Marketing Magazine – August 2013

Bob Penner, Stratcom’s President, CEO and Founder was recently interviewed by Direct Marketing about Stratcom’s evolution over the last 22 years.  With a strong desire for creativity and innovation, Stratcom has grown from a small consulting firm in Bob’s basement to an international fundraising and engagement organization with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and London UK.   And according to Bob, “we are fulfilling our goals which have always been the same: we try to provide services to the non-profit sector so that they can become more effective in their work and contribute to social good, whether they are raising money for health improvements, social or political change. We try to do all that while running a successful business that provides good jobs and an outlet for people’s skill and creativity. And of course, we want to have fun in the process. I believe we’ve been successful at accomplishing our goals.”

Read the full interview

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