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The Growing Gap Between Canada’s Wealthy and the Rest of Us: Stratcom Poll Tells the Story

An article in this Sunday’s Edmonton Sun encourages NDP leadership hopefuls to “tell the story” that Stratcom’s recent research lays bare. Stratcom conducted the survey for the Broadbent Institute, presenting it in Ottawa on April 9th at their Progress Summit 2017.

As former NDP leader and Chair of the Broadbent Institute, Ed Broadbent, clearly articulated in his keynote address to the Summit that income inequality is not just a discussion taking place among policy elites. Canadians across the political aisle believe income inequality exists and is a growing problem for governments and society. Stratcom’s polling results shows Canadians a path forward to addressing income inequality by demonstrating strong public support a range of progressive economic, tax, and social assistance policies.

What is to Blame for Income Inequality?


But as we have seen from the recent federal budget, government policies may be out of step with public concerns and attitudes towards tax reform in particular. In some ways, the current budget supports rather than challenges the status quo. As CBC reporter Don Pittis recently wrote, “this budget is more evidence that there really never is a convenient time to increase equality.”

  • For more on this, as well as Canadian attitudes (and anxieties) towards the Trump Presidency, check out our polling results.
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