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Stratcom brings text giving app Mobilise to Canada and US

Stratcom is pleased to bring the UK-based text giving app, Mobilise, to Canada and the US.

UK charities like UNICEF, Save the Children, and WWF have built monthly donor files and reached untapped audiences through its powerful text messaging donation tool. Mobilise makes it easy for people to donate on their mobile phone through messaging and enables a seamless giving experience. Donations can be made by a variety of different payment options, providing donors with flexibility and avoiding undue regulation.

The Mobilise text giving platform was developed by Open Mobile Global, one of the UK’s top fundraising agencies. Stratcom is excited to be exclusively offering Mobilise to the North American market, in partnership with our friends at the Donor Services Group.

How it works:

A donor can control their giving through simple commands on their phone including skipping their monthly payment, giving one-time donations, or upgrading. Payments are taken outside of the donor’s mobile phone network by using credit card information that is provided at the beginning by the donor, then stored securely by Mobilise. No fees are paid to the mobile phone carriers; instead, there is a small transaction fee per donation processed.

Importantly, donors give permission for communication through their mobile phones, allowing organizations to send them content on the programs, videos and additional fundraising appeals. Since open rates on mobile phones are extremely high and communication fast, text based fundraising is highly effective. Interaction with donors through their mobile phones builds engagement and fundraising results, and is certain to be a growing trend in fundraising.

It’s easy to offer Mobilise to your donors. Donors can be recruited onto Mobilise via any channel you now recruit: door, street, phone, email and online, broadcast, print or outdoor advertising. With Mobilise, you’ll see improved response rates, better recruitment performance, lower attrition and cost, and more engaged donors.

Stratcom and our partners are excited to be exclusively bringing Mobilise to the Canadian and American markets.

Get in touch at digital[at]stratcom.ca if you’re interested in trying out or getting more information on Hustle or Mobilise.

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