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New Research & Engagement Leadership Team!

We are very pleased to announce that with former Senior Director Matt Smith moving into the President’s role, that Stratcom’s Research & Engagement Department has a new, talented and exciting Leadership Team. Over the last six years Stratcom’s Research & Engagement Department has grown substantially providing more services to many more clients. Moving forward it will be run by a three person Leadership Team of:

  • Angela Lee: Director of Research & Engagement, Eastern Region
  • Stephanie Lynn: Director of Research & Engagement, Western Region
  • Trevor McKenzie-Smith: Director of Engagement & Targeting

Angela, Stephanie, and Trevor have over 50 years of combined experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research, executing electoral and advocacy campaigns, and working with progressive organizations to advance their issues and causes. Together, they will oversee the delivery of Stratcom public opinion polls, member and donor surveys, focus groups, Telephone Town Halls, Hustle, big data organizing, broadcast voicemails, strategic planning, microtargeting and more. With these appointments Stratcom also strengthens its provision of bilingual services as both Trevor and Angela work in both French and English.

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Since joining Stratcom in 2012, Angela Lee has excelled at the delivery and strategy of all Research and Engagement services and products. From Telephone Town Halls to direct mail, key informant interviews to online focus groups, Angela brings her strong project management skills and strategic thinking to bare. Angela has also revived numerous products to meet the tailored needs of clients, including Rapid Vote, Patch-Through BVMs and online focus groups. Prior to joining Stratcom, Angela worked at a community engagement consulting firm specializing in connecting with hard to reach communities, and developing policies and programs at the municipal level. Working from our Toronto office Angela will oversee R&E work in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Atlantic Canada.

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Stephanie Lynn joined Stratcom in June 2016 after two decades as an international democracy development practitioner working with heads of state, legislatures, political parties and community activists in over twenty countries. She is renowned for her achievements in leveraging communications, training, opinion research and policy advocacy to produce more responsive government. Prior to her work overseas, Stephanie was a BC NDP organizer for seven years and political staff to the BC Minister of Health. She holds a BA (Hons) in Anthropology from the University of British Columbia. Heading Stratcom’s R&E team in Vancouver, Stephanie brings her commitment to excellence in innovation to our clients in British Columbia and Alberta.

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Trevor McKenzie-Smith has worked in more than 30 campaigns across Canada at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. His latest win was as co-campaign manager for Charlie Clark, the come-from-behind new Mayor of Saskatoon—during the campaign Trevor helped deliver his and Martha’s quick arrival of their second child. Trevor is a campaigner, manager, and campaign strategist at his core who has become a leader in Canada at micro-targeting, big data organizing, GIS analysis, live calling programs and campaigning to cell phones. He has a bachelor’s degree in Political Studies from the University of Saskatchewan and a master’s degree in Electoral Geography from the University of Toronto, specializing in demographics and spatial analysis. Trevor’s experience and skills greatly complement and enhance Stratcom’s targeting and campaign engagement offering for our many progressive clients. Based in Saskatoon, Trevor will work with clients across the country and lead Stratcom’s R&E work in Saskatchewan.

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