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Online focus groups now feature live video capabilities

Qualitative research, especially focus groups are essential to exploring the motivations and feelings behind why people think and act the way they do. Particularly, after conducting quantitative research that provides the data on what people are thinking, qualitative research can explore the why behind the thought.

Stratcom has partnered with Recollective to bring online focus groups with live streaming video capabilities. In an open-ended flowing conversation, focus group moderators direct topics to cover specific issues and messages while viewing participants live. This dialectic conversation, wherein respondents build upon thoughts expressed by others in the group generates a real dialogue that provides insights that are not often captured in a survey.

The live streaming video for group chat sessions can include up to 25 participants that is completely Cloud-based (no need to install any software) where respondents meet virtually on their web browser or mobile device. Respondents also have a text chat messaging area next to the video meeting screen where moderators can quickly post polls, texts, links, photos, videos and files.

Other advantages include:

  • Hosts can share their screen and also request any participants to share their screen for further collaboration
  • Invite, schedule and conduct live video interviews
  • Calendar tool to self-schedule or reschedule follow-up meetings
  • Backroom for clients to observe the session and collaborate with the host via private messages
  • Sessions are automatically recorded and transcripts can be sent to the client, along with all the raw data from any polls immediately following the event

Why live video focus groups are better than online meeting tools (e.g. Zoom)

  • Immediate feedback from the client

Online focus groups with video have the ability for clients to observe conversation in a private viewing back room. This backroom allows for direct communication with moderators through live chat as they see every aspect of the group as its occurring live.

  • Reporting with far greater rigor

Reporting with online focus groups is far more robust, effective, and substantive than with typical online meeting tools. Clients can receive automatically generated transcripts and poll data along with the full recording of the sessions.

  • Easy user interface

Stratcom’s online focus groups with live streaming video is easy to use with a 1-click sign-in process for both video and audio. Hosted on the web, it requires no software download making it a far simpler respondent experience.

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