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Data Audit for Decision Makers

As an organizational leader, you are well aware that your database is one of your most valuable assets.  It is the key to reaching your supporters or members directly.  Whether you are attempting to mobilize the members of your union or raise funds for your charity from your supporters, the effective use of your database is essential.

Yet so many organizations struggle to use their database optimally.  One of the many reasons why is the comprehension gap between the staff who run the database and organizational decision-makers.  Many leaders do not understand the technical complexities of their database.  And why should they?  That’s not necessarily the primary role they need to play.  Meanwhile, technical staff may not be able to fully articulate what the database can achieve within a marketing, fundraising or mobilization context.  An often-heard response from the database team is “it can’t be done”.  Clearly these situations are challenging for leaders to make the right decision.

Stratcom offers a third-party perspective on your database conundrums with our Data Audit for Decision-Makers.  As engagement and fundraising experts who deal with dozens of different databases across hundreds of clients, Stratcom brings a practitioner’s pragmatism to database usage.  We deal with decision-makers and technical staff all the time.  Therefore, we can advise you on the best course of action to get your database and related operations into the working shape.  Whether it is procuring a new tech stack, developing integrations across existing tools to streamline data processes, finding a cost-saving work-around, upgrading staff database skills, or considering adding a new functionality or crafting a longer-term solution, Stratcom can help you make decisions based on your available resources and mission objectives.

So if you are facing database doubt, please inquire about how we can support you to make the right organizational decision.

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