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Mobile phone-list building with MobileReach

With no “phone book” of mobile phone numbers in Canada, how are you and your organization expanding your reach to Canadians via mobile?

Stratcom’s solution, MobileReach, is a list of likely mobile phone numbers which can be used with text, live calling, or broadcast voice message to reach and engage Canadian audiences. MobileReach can provide a list of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of likely mobile phone numbers in Canada, and allows you to target audiences by riding or city – making it an especially valuable tool for political purposes.

MobileReach likely mobile numbers by rate centre locations in Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver (2020):

ON Rate CentreCountBC Rate CentreCount
Toronto10,061,031 Vancouver3,045,030

Why MobileReach?

A mobile phone number is one of the most valuable data points in your database, but getting mobile phone numbers is far from easy. Pre-COVID-19, collecting mobile numbers was often done by asking for them in person (i.e., at an event). Digitally, collecting contact info has mostly been done passively through bulk email requests and online forms, tools and landing pages. Now, however, with MobileReach, you have a powerful tool to help actively grow your list of supporters’ mobile phones at scale.

The opportunities for engagement once you have a list of likely mobile numbers from MobileReach include:

  • Text – Send an automated text broadcast or start a peer-to-peer texting campaign to identify supporters. Stratcom’s Prompt.io platform is another invaluable tool for connecting with your target audience.
  • Interactive Broadcast Voice Message – Send a pre-recorded message to a regionally targeted list of mobile phones about an important event or development in your campaign, and ask if they want to know more.
  • Telephone Town Hall – Invite a list of likely mobile numbers to a Telephone Town Hall and use participation data collected in the TTH to determine who best to follow-up with after the event.
  • Live phoning – Call during an election or issue campaign to find new supporters and voters who may be unreachable otherwise.
  • Social media – Build engaged Facebook lookalike audiences with our data.

Contact us today at digital@stratcom.ca to learn how this can work for you and your organization.

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