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Thank you – Case Study

Converting Online Supporters to Donors

The Client

Since its beginning in 2011, this youth-led advocacy organization has grown into a community of over 300,000 supporters bringing together Canadians of all generations to actively participate in efforts to strengthen Canada’s democracy, stop runaway climate change, and build a fair economy that reverses the trend of growing inequality.

Stratcom has helped us to build a strong base of financial support from our online campaigning community. By reaching out to our community by phone, we have fostered a growing monthly donor base which has allowed us to expand our work on democratic reform, reducing inequality, and defending the environment. Stratcom’s work has been a critical part of growing our advocacy community and building our capacity.

Maggie Knight
Managing Director,

The Challenge

As a relatively young organization, developing sustainable funding was a key priority for Leadnow. The challenge was to leverage the significant online support of the many thousands of Canadians who take part in their advocacy actions and convert it into ongoing financial support.They needed to do this fairly cost-efficiently and with a strong ROI, and without requiring significant amounts of administrative support.

Leadnow also wanted to ensure any contact with their supporters appropriately considered their own interests and actions. We proposed a telephone program to:

  • Reach out to supporters who have taken action online two or more times (e.g. signing a Leadnow petition or sending an email to a specific target);
  • Update supporters on the campaigns in which they have participated;
  • Ask them to become financial supporters of the organization’s work.

The Campaign

For this campaign, we worked with a list of names and phone numbers acquired from online actions. We then selected priority segments for calling based on action frequency and recency. We developed script content corresponding to supporter actions taken online, and conducted caller training and a briefing with details of Leadnow’s activities and campaign work. We continued to update campaign information for the duration of the program in order to provide supporters with the latest news about ongoing campaigns.

The Results

During this year long program, we were able to convert 10.5% of online advocates who were contacted (17,444) for a total of 1,838 new donors. More than one-third of those who said “yes” to a gift committed to give a recurring monthly gift. Total anualized revenue including both monthly and single gifts was $110,870 with a net cost per new donor of $16.86—an outstanding achievement for an acquisition program.

Campaign results info graphic with average sums of single gifts ($37) & monthly recurring gifts ($9.50)

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