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Our Team

Our entire staff shares a passion for work that makes the world a better place.

Most of our team have a background in campaign and charitable work and years of experience in the non-profit and volunteer sectors.

Bob Penner


E: bob.penner [at] stratcom.ca
T: 604.681.3030 ext. 50

Trevor McKenzie-Smith

Senior Director, Research & Engagement

E: t.mckenzie.smith [at] stratcom.ca
T: (306) 229-2949

Lianne Sims

Senior Vice-President, Fundraising

E: lianne.sims [at] stratcom.ca
T: 44 (0) 20 3695 1663 ext. 89

Dan Abraham

Vice-President, Fundraising

E: dan.abraham [at] stratcom.ca
T: 416.537.6100 ext. 64

Jerome Cheung

Director, Mobile & Digital Solutions

E: jerome.cheung [at] stratcom.ca
T: 416.537.6100

Armand Cousineau

Director, Research

E: armand.cousineau [at] stratcom.ca
T: 416.537.6100 ext. 62

Mike Dockstader

Senior Manager of Operations

E: mike.dockstader [at] stratcom.ca
T: 416.537.6100 ext. 22

Robert Drury


E: robert.drury [at] stratcom.ca
T: 416.537.6100 ext. 72

David Kraft

Senior Associate, Research & Engagement

E: david.kraft [at] stratcom.ca
T: 416.537.6100 ext. 66


Carla Mundwiler

Senior Engagement Manager

E: carla.mundwiler [at] stratcom.ca
T: 416.537.6100 ext. 38

David Smith

Senior Fundraising Strategist

E: david.smith [at] stratcom.ca
T: 604.681.3030 ext. 32

Betty Won

Manager, Mobile & Digital Solutions

E: betty.won [at] stratcom.ca
T: 416.537.6100 ext. 86

Lisa Wong

Senior Marketing Manager, Client Services

E: lisa.wong [at] stratcom.ca
T: 416.537.6100 ext. 65