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Prathit Patel


Prathit Patel

Senior Research and Data Analyst

E: prathit.patel [at] stratcom.ca
T: 416.537.6100 ext. 61

Prathit joined Stratcom as Research and Data Analyst in May 2017. He supports Stratcom’s research work with programing surveys into online software, drafting survey/poll questions, organizing and coding and analyzing poll results, organizing focus groups, developing final report and coding engagement results.

He completed the Research Analyst Program at Georgian College and also has a Postgraduate Certificate in International Business Management and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Gujarat University. As a part of his B.B.A degree, Prathit completed a major research project by analyzing the working conditions of over 200 police officers in the seventh largest city in India. This project generated a series of well-received recommendations, and further fulfilled Prathit’s passion for research and analysis.

Prathit is also skilled at analyzing surveys and presenting information in a clear and concise manner. His technical skills include statistical analysis in SPSS, organize and manage data in Excel, develop final reports in Powerpoint and program surveys in Decipher and Broadnet.