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We have extensive experience in campaigns, fundraising, research and engagement strategies.

Since 1991, we have developed industry-leading campaigns and fundraising programs. Including the development of online conversion strategies and the introduction of Telephone Town Halls.

Strategy & Consulting

The foundation for successful campaigns begins with strategic planning.


Creatively and effectively deliver the right message to your target audiences.


Assessing the effectiveness of a campaign, strategy or project.

Media & Media Training

Making your spokespeople effective.


Quantitative research to learn more about public opinion or gain insight into your donors/members.


An opportunity to have a personal two way conversation with your supporters.

Direct Mail

The backbone of cost effective donor acquisition strategies and an essential part of successful direct response annual plans.

Specialized Fundraising

Innovative ways to engage donors and move them up the giving pyramid – new programs are continuously being developed.

Donor & Member Studies

Research that will create a better understanding of your supporters and improve your ability to engage them.


Quantitative research conducted by phone and/or online that allows you to gain better understanding of prevailing public opinion.

Focus Groups & Interviews

Qualitative research to gain better understanding of how target audiences feel about key issues and your messaging.


Evaluating projects, campaigns and strategy is critical for identifying areas for improvement and ensuring long-term success.

Research Studies

Comprehensive research on broad issues that are important to our clients.

Engagement Panels

An opt-in research panel comprised of community members that enables multiple rounds of research over a period of time through a sophisticated online platform.

Telephone Town Hall

An innovative and effective way for your organization to interact with your supporters in a highly personal way.

Broadcast Voice Message

An extremely cost-effective way to enhance response rates and build participation and awareness.

Membership engagement and campaigns strategies and tools specifically designed for the labour sector.

Strategy & Political Consulting

All of the potential tools and techniques available to best connect with key target audiences and help achieve electoral success.


A full-scope in-house quantitative and qualitative research services for political and public interest campaigns.


A new and sophisticated tool in the Canadian electoral context that predicts voter intention, allowing resources to be directed to most promising prospects.

Voter Contact Calling

An effective tool for identifying supporters (vote intention) and mobilizing them to get out and vote.

Telephone Town Hall

An innovative and effective way to engage the public in key election issues and identify supporters and influencers.