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We recognize the importance of evaluating the success of a project, campaign, or long-term strategy.

Uniquely, we apply our research methodology and principles of formal program evaluation to the special requirements of advocacy campaigns – offering cost-effective and highly credible evaluation services for charities and non-profits.

Check out our blog post: From Vision to Impact: Evaluating Social Innovation and Social Change – Simple and highly effective alternatives to full scope evaluation.

From short assessments for grassroots advocacy groups to major research studies for international NGOs and foundations, Stratcom has experience leading evaluations that produce a clear understanding of lessons learned, areas for improvement, and how to implement the findings in future plans.

I continue to get regular requests for your evaluation report from Pew Environment Group staff who are thinking through international campaigns or working with multi-partner coalitions. My thanks, once again, for your tremendously thoughtful and useful analysis.

Scott Scrivner
Officer, Planning and Evaluation
Pew Charitable Trusts

Check out our blog post – Advocacy, Policy Reform, and Public Governance where we briefly highlight the methods and findings of three recent evaluations.