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Media & Media Training

Our consultants are engaged every day in public debate and current events.

This experience means we know how to present your point of view to editors and journalists in the most compelling manner.

Check out our blog post on Poll-Blogging: 3 Easy Steps to Generate a Virtuous Loop Between News Coverage and Your Social Media Streams.

Let us help you by:

  • Creating and placing an opinion editorial that makes a strong case for your position
  • Conducting media training workshops so that your team can do a better job when faced with a camera or microphone
  • Designing an effective pitch to the news media using expertly produced and distributed news releases and backgrounders
  • Keeping your issue at the forefront of public debate by ensuring journalists always have immediate access to your message and spokesperson
  • Using polling data to anchor your story in the press and build credibility with decision makers


ETT – Help us Help Your Kids


A political action campaign that effectively engaged parents and teachers and utilized a wide spectrum of communications tools to ensure that education was a key election issue.

Every day we do a vast diversity of work to fight, not only for better education, but also for a better future for all of our children – and every day we count on Strategic Communications. Without them we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do. If anyone understands the diverse needs of groups like the ETT, it’s the expert staff at Stratcom.

Martin Long
Elementary Teachers of Toronto