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We will help you create a winning campaign strategy.

Our specialty is knowing how to integrate all the necessary elements of research and communications to achieve victory – whether you’re running for office, advocating for social change, or pushing to win new government policies.

With our deep knowledge of the non-profit sector, we approach strategic planning with relevant categories such as effectiveness in policy or legislative change, membership development, and organizational positioning rather than traditional corporate categories of profit and market share. We work with your staff and Board to ensure that planning is practical and feasible for your situation.


Off the Podium


A campaign that effectively connected Rio Tinto’s employee lockout in Quebec to the 2012 London Olympic games and garnered international support for the removal of Rio Tinto as an Olympic sponsor.

Check out our blog post: Five Steps to Maximize Public Engagement in Your Advocacy Campaigns — that illustrates key learnings from Off the Podium campaign.

In launching our Take Back the Power campaign, Strategic Communications played a vital role in developing strategies, messaging and research which took a holistic, modern, and innovative approach to achieve the goals we set out to accomplish.

Mike Bruce
Director of Communications
Canadian Office and Profession Employees Union 378