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Broadcast Voice Message

Stratcom pioneered integrating Broadcast Voice Messages (BVMs) with communications and campaign strategies.

BVMs allow you to speak directly to your target audience with pre-recorded messages. They’re an ideal tool for raising awareness at critical times and for delivering your message. BVMs can be used to gather information from your target audience (using automated data collection) or to direct them to a live operator for more complex surveying and message delivery.

Our experience shows BVMs are a cost-effective way to build participation and awareness. A simple thank-you BVM can help your organization engage directly with your members and the public.

Stratcom will work with you to design the message and strategy—all you need is a list to call and a reason to contact your members or the public.


Let your supporters, members and donors know about the good work you’ve been doing. An update by voicemail is a simple way to maintain active support for your campaign. Ask your supporters to opt into action alerts by telephone.


Have a question for your members? Interactive Broadcast Voice Messages (IBVMs) allow you to pose questions to your members they can respond to via their phone keypads.

Membership feedback surveys can also be delivered through automated messages. Our system accurately captures your audience’s feedback on important issues facing your organization.

Event Promotion

Need to promote attendance at a free event? Use some of your advertising budget for a BVM; it’s a cost-effective way to promote strong turnout.

Increase Awareness

Get the word out with BVMs about your campaign or critical issue. Inform the public and mobilize support with a pre-recorded message from your organization. Stratcom can provide lists of all publicly available phone numbers that meet the demographic criteria you require as a specific riding, age range, or gender.

List Building and Data Services

With our interactive features, BVMs can be used to develop a list of respondents interested in your issue or receptive to particular messages. This can be particularly effective for dividing large lists into more responsive sub-groups for specific campaign goals.

Have a message, but not a list? Stratcom can provide lists of publically available phone numbers. If you need your list cleaned or updated with new addresses or phone numbers, Stratcom can append information as well.

Impacting Decision Makers

Need to put pressure on a decision maker about an important issue? Cost-effective and with immediate results, BVM Patchthroughs are a key tool in any advocacy campaign.

Here’s how they work: your supporters receive an automated phone call from you with information about the campaign or issue and an offer to connect them to their local representative or decision maker. Respondents can press a button on their phone keypad to be connected immediately to decision makers and can speak with them in support of your campaign. BVMs can be patched through to city councillors, employers, media outlets, or any organization of your choosing. BVM Patchthroughs bring attention to your issue and your campaign, fast.

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