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Hustle’s peer-to-peer texting bridges the gap in communication strategies and drives higher engagement and participation.

Start 1500 conversations via text in the time it takes to make 50 calls or knock on 50 doors.

Hustle offers a text messaging platform (web-based and mobile app) designed to allow organizations to communicate with their members and supporters through individual, personalized, one-to-one, text message conversations.

With Hustle, you can create text message scripts in advance of campaigns that can be personalized in real-time, based on the responses you get. The easy-to-use interface enables hundreds, even thousands of one-to-one text conversations per hour. Use Hustle to engage in genuine text conversations before asking people to complete a survey, take action or donate.

Hustle can be sent to donors, supporters and the public with results showing higher response rates than text blasts or emails.

Stratcom’s Advantage: We Provide Expertise & Support

The Hustle experts at Stratcom will provide end-to-end management; help our team develop objectives, hosting and running a Hustle campaign and design pre-script Q&A’s. With no special equipment required (cell phone or laptop), a campaign can be organized in a matter of days from any location of your choosing. Convenient, reliable and results-proven, Hustle is the leading technology in campaign engagement and activism.