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Telephone Town Hall

Telephone Town Halls are a cost-effective way for your organization to interact with your supporters in a highly personal way.

Speak with – and hear from – thousands of your supporters at once. This powerful, affordable service allows you to quickly engage thousands of supporters in genuine conversation, making it ideal for communications, donor relations and fundraising. We offer a fast turnaround, making it a great way to respond to timely, controversial or urgent issues, and to reach specific groups of supporters with targeted messages.

Stratcom and its partners joined forces to introduce this innovative communications tool to Canada. Telephone Town Halls are a cross between an extremely large conference call and your own private talk radio show. For less than the cost of a direct mail campaign, you can achieve the reach of a TV ad, the energy of a radio show and the intimacy of speaking directly with a supporter. Our Telephone Town Halls have garnered significant press coverage, further enhancing our Clients’ profiles and issues.

The Telephone Town Hall identifies key supporters and as such is an effective segment tool for large lists. The cumulative and individual participant data (including responses to polling questions) can be used to identify the most engaged supporters as well as inform future communications, engagement and fundraising strategies.

Stratcom will also assist you with follow-up strategies to maximize the benefits of your Telephone Town Hall, including testimonials and messaging opportunities, and leveraging the data for volunteer recruitment, supporter engagement, fundraising, and turnout at events.


Creating Engagement for Donors

How the Canadian Red Cross reached out to donors with Telephone Town Halls

The Canadian Red Cross (CRC) wanted to boost awareness and engagement around the recent disaster in Mozambique, Africa in March 2019.

For the Stephen Lewis Foundation, as with all organizations, it is profoundly important and significant to be in direct contact with our supporters. For Canadians to hear from and speak directly to the African experts working to turn the tide of AIDS in Africa has a dramatic impact. Thank you to Stratcom for making this possible.

Ilana Landsberg-Lewis
Executive Director
Stephen Lewis Foundation
I want to thank everyone at Stratcom for the wonderful tele-town hall event. I am knocked out by its success. We had well over 20,000 people join us for at least part of the hour and the phones went crazy during and after the call.

Maude Barlow
National Chairperson
Council of Canadians
I would like to thank Stratcom for making our Telephone Town Hall Election Debate a success. I was overwhelmed by how many teachers took the time to participate in the TelephoneTown Hall! Through our members’ questions, party representatives heard first-hand about a wide range of teacher concerns.

Carol Henderson
Alberta Teachers’ Association