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Our full-service philosophy means that we can meet all your fundraising needs.

We combine our passion and extensive experience in non-profit and charitable fundraising to create and implement integrated and innovative  individual donor fundraising strategies that build revenue and strengthen donor and member relationships.

Our expertise in integrating all the elements of a fundraising program ensures that our clients’ programs deliver top results. We were among the first agencies in the industry to recognize the importance of monthly donor programs. We work with clients to build and enhance these programs on the phone and through direct mail. Where appropriate we integrate donor research to determine the best ways to approach your donors and maximize results. This research enhances your fundraising strategies allowing you to maximize the value of your donor file.

We were among the first agencies in the industry to implement combined techniques of direct mail, telefundraising, email and voice message campaigns. Through ongoing testing we have learned how these tools can be best used to enhance the performance of a fundraising program.

Stratcom is also uniquely positioned to respond quickly to catastrophic emergencies. Within 48 hours, we can have scripts written, staff trained and begin calling donors for emergency fundraising appeals.


An opportunity to have a personal two-way conversation with your supporters. Update them on your work, personally thank them for their support, answer their questions and increase their support and involvement.

Direct Mail

The backbone of cost-effective donor acquisition strategies and an essential part of successful direct response annual plans.

Specialized Fundraising

Innovative ways to engage donors and move them up the giving pyramid – new programs are continuously being developed.

Donor & Member Studies

Research that will create a better understanding of your supporters and improve your ability to engage them.


Over the last 15 years, Stratcom has helped us become the largest public watchdog organization in Canada. Their expertise in fundraising and communications is surpassed only by their dedication to social justice and a solid understanding of politics. I’ve come to think of Stratcom’s staff not just as consummate professionals, but as friends and fellow travelers on a road to building a better world.

Maude Barlow
National Chairperson
Council of Canadians