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Specialized Fundraising

We are always looking for new ways to engage donors and move them up the giving pyramid.

Family & Friends

Our Family & Friends program leverages existing donors to acquire new donors, and can be a perfect complement to your existing acquisition efforts.

Family & Friends is an ideal fit for your organization if:

  • Your donor acquisition costs are rising
  • Building your donor file is more challenging than it used to be
  • Your ability to invest in net growth is limited.

Family & Friends is a powerful, cost-effective method that can be used as a strategic tool to:

  • Reactivate lapsed donors
  • Reach potential donors not accessible through other means
  • Focus on particular types of giving, like recruiting monthly donors
  • Leverage activist efforts for a specific issue or cause

Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving represents one of the fastest growing segments of fundraising. Stratcom has partnered with hjc (Hewitt Johnson Consulting) to deliver a unique Legacy Giving program designed to solidify existing bequests expectancies and generate momentum and success in obtaining new ones. Our approach employs a synergy of proven fundraising techniques and has resulted in a track record of success.

Our Legacy Giving offers a unique planned-giving approach in a number of ways:

  • It is research-based and donor/member-centered
  • It synergizes element of professional market research, planned giving, major gift fundraising, direct response marketing and new media
  • It is focused on the motivation to make a planned gift rather than the mechanics of the various legal and tax-savings vehicles available
  • It ensures that your best opportunities for substantial planned giving are identified, cultivated and have regular follow up contact – something in-house efforts seldom have the resources to do