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Predicting who is likely to vote is a key election challenge.

In 2011 Stratcom partnered with Pivot as their exclusive Canadian partner on the development and implementation of sophisticated microtargeting scores and strategies.

Pivot is a firm with a wealth of experience developing statistical analysis models for political applications, including individual microtargeting scores for American campaigns. Stratcom manages the projects, provides polling, overall strategy, census data, an enhanced voters list and GIS understanding, while Pivot researches and purchases commercial data, and develops numerous statistical analysis models that lead to the final microtargeting scores.

Microtargeting scores and their development are new to the Canadian electoral context, and as such Stratcom and Pivot are working together to build the most successful approach to generating microtargeting scores.

Predicting who is likely to vote (and excluding those who are unlikely to vote) is a key challenge in any election. Being able to focus persuasion materials on those most likely to participate in the election, avoiding waste of resources on those unlikely to vote, and strongly encouraging supporters who have a moderate likelihood of voting to go to the polls can make campaign resources go further.

Our targeting team does far more than simply build models and maps and add scores to voter files. We offer extensive training and support for campaign staff to both explain how the models and maps are produced as well as strategic support throughout the campaign to help select universes for voter ID, persuasion, and GOTV programs. We can conduct training in person or through webinars and will have staff available to answer questions or be involved in campaign strategy meetings.