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Telephone Town Hall

A Telephone Town Hall is a cross between a large conference call and your own private talk radio show.

Stratcom brought Telephone Town Halls to the Canadian marketplace in 2011 and has been developing and implementing hundreds of Telephone Town Hall events for a wide range of political, union and not-profit clients for a number of years.

Stratcom’s partners supply the dialing backbone and software platform for Telephone Town Halls. Stratcom provides all front-end services including strategy, scripting, training, and conducting the Telephone Town Hall on site.

Telephone Town Halls are an extremely effective tool for municipal, provincial and federal election campaigns. Most voters never get to speak directly with a candidate running for office, let alone a party leader running to be Prime Minister. A Telephone Town Hall makes it possible for thousands of voters to feel like they are having a genuine conversation with such a figure.

Political uses for a Telephone Town Hall include the following:

  • Incumbent protection
  • Election campaigns
  • Supporter mobilization

Telephone Town Halls allow party leadership to speak directly with volunteers, donors and key activists. This communication tool keeps them informed, solicits their involvement and feedback, delivers key campaign messages that can be disseminated further, and keeps supporters motivated.

Since August 2011, the Canadian Wheat board has engaged Strategic Communications to organize and implement our Telephone Town Halls. These Telephone Town Halls have resulted in participation rates that exceeded our expectations and convinced us to continue using them as an integral part of our communications strategy. Stratcom has guided us throughout the process, provided strategic advice and demonstrated through attention to detail, professionalism and adaptability.

Gord Flaten
Vice President, Grain Procurement
Canadian Wheat Board