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Voter Contact Calling

Since 1994, we have delivered high-volume, high-quality voter contact programs for progressive political clients.

Through hands-on experience both as voter contact strategists and implementers, we have developed sophisticated and successful approaches to using voter contact tools in election campaigns.

Voter ID is a new political service that has grown dramatically over the past two decades. Elections are won and lost by a campaign’s ability to persuade voters, accurately identify supporters, and mobilize them to get out and vote on Election Day. Due to its interactive nature, geographical reach and cost efficiency, Voter ID has come to surpass other outreach efforts such as door-knocking, mailings and streeting.

Ensuring that a Voter ID program is designed, developed and implemented with sound tactical and strategic foundations is essential. A Voter Contact Calling program’s timeline, call volume over time, penetration rate, list development and enhancement before the calling, script development and testing, question logic, data captured and how results data is used — are all crucial to the program’s success.

Stratcom works with every client to tailor their Voter contact program to match their needs and achieve their goals while ensuring a balance between quality and efficiency. We are able to deliver high-quality, high-volume results by having a strong project management team that is constantly monitoring the calling, as well as recruiting and training top-notch, politically-astute callers.

Our union conducted voter contact during municipal and provincial election campaigns with our membership and other voters in our community. In fact, our local, which has approximately 5,500 members, decided to use Strategic Communications to contact our membership during past municipal election campaigns. As a result, the participation of our members during election campaigns has grown over the years, which is partly due to solid voter contact.

Paul Faoro
Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 15