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We have the capacity to develop and implement research studies and the expertise to interpret the results and provide strategic advice.

With our comprehensive range of online, telephone and face-to-face research techniques, we are able to match ideal methods to almost any opinion or market research challenge. We have a reputation for innovative application of new research tools — the use of Telephone Town Halls for research purposes, rapid community audits using automated polling, social media analysis using scientific sampling techniques, online ‘engagement panels’ for strategic input by stakeholders of non-profits, and combined online quantitative-qualitative platforms are all tools originally brought to the non-profit sector by Stratcom.

Our team is experienced in developing and implementing the following research methodologies:

  • Literature reviews and contextual analysis
  • Key informant interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Online surveys (Stratcom’s Online Monitor)
  • Polling (online, live caller and automated phone polling)
  • Geographic Information System analysis

Stratcom combines its experience as non-profit fundraisers with its sophisticated advanced methodology to design, conduct and interpret research that guides communications, campaigns and fundraising strategies.

Solid opinion research is a sophisticated tool that will sharpen your strategy and your communications efforts. We can help you navigate this demanding field and get results. Stratcom brings together nearly two decades of marketing and public affairs experience with a full-service opinion research team.

We can:

  • Test the assumptions underlying your campaigns or fundraising strategy
  • Understand prevailing public opinion
  • Hone themes and messages that work for your target audience
  • Find out what factors move the public, or bring your supporters solidly behind your program
  • Uncover your supporters’ motivations and what they care about most
  • Understand the real dynamics of donor support
  • Improve the specific communications tools you are using to reach your target audiences


Share The Road


A comprehensive campaign to develop campaign research and fundraising capabilities so that the organization could effectively attract, engage and mobilize supporters.

Last year was a very busy year for the Elementary Teachers of Toronto. We hosted one of our most successful fundraising events ever, and we also launched several public campaigns to raise awareness about the state of our public school system throughout the election. Every day we do a vast diversity of work to fight, not only for better education, but also for a better future for all of our children and every day we count on Strategic Communications. Without them we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do. If anyone understands the diverse needs of groups like the ETT, it’s the expert staff at Stratcom.

Martin Long
Elementary Teachers of Toronto


Quantitative research conducted by phone and/or online that allows you to gain better understanding of prevailing public opinion. Surveys can be customized for key target audiences rather than general public.

Focus Groups & Interviews

Qualitative research to gain better understanding of how target audiences feel about key issues and your messaging.


Evaluating projects, campaigns and strategy is critical for identifying areas for improvement and ensuring long term success.

Research Studies

Comprehensive research on broad issues that are important to our clients.

Engagement Panels

An opt-in research panel comprised of community members that enables multiple rounds of research over a period of time through a sophisticated online platform.