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Engagement Panels

Foster greater engagement with your target communities.

An engagement panel is an opt-in research panel comprised of community members (members, donors, supporters) that enables multiple rounds of research over a period of time through a sophisticated online platform.

The platform provides a fun mechanism to encourage participation among community members, and on the back end it provides a seamless integration of quantitative and qualitative research with constant feedback. For example, in the midst of a quantitative survey the platform allows for individual one-on-one chats to add texture and anecdotal evidence that buttress quantitative findings.

What separates the platform from other modes of online research is the level of interaction that it provides community members. The questions are interactive and absorbing. For example, an organization can present members with a campaign poster and have them highlight what they like and what they don’t like – and the organization can view the results in real time. It allows us to hand pick individuals and probe why they reacted the way they did.

  • Community members feel like they are part of the decision-making process and provide higher participation rates and richer insights.
  • Organizations collect insights in real time and have continuous access to the panel. They can investigate sensitive issues over time by tracking attitudes and adding the qualitative insights to get “below the surface”.
  • Reactions to new developments can be captured in real time.
  • The engagement panel platform allows for a variety of ways to conduct brand research.
  • Participants can highlight things they like and dislike on language and images.
  • The portal can allow respondents to rank endorsers by having them drag each image into a preference bucket.
  • We can get open-ended feedback in their choices.

All of the traditional branding research techniques can be accomplished using the engagement panel, but we believe the technology allows for richer insight due to a more entertaining survey-taking experience provided to panelists. With an engagement panel, we can dramatically cut down the time it takes to conduct research and do it for much less, allowing a campaign to test much earlier in the cycle.