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We recognize the importance of evaluating the success of a project, campaign, or long-term strategy.

Uniquely, we apply our research methodology and principles of formal program evaluation to the special requirements of advocacy campaigns – offering cost-effective and highly credible evaluation services for charities and non-profits.

Check out our blog post: From Vision to Impact: Evaluating Social Innovation and Social Change – Simple and highly-effective alternatives to full-scope evaluation.

From short assessments for grassroots advocacy groups to major research studies for international NGOs and foundations, Stratcom has experience leading evaluations that produce a clear understanding of lessons learned, areas for improvement, and how to implement the findings in future plans.

I continue to get regular requests for your evaluation report from Pew Environment Group staff who are thinking through international campaigns or working with multi-partner coalitions. My thanks, once again, for your tremendously thoughtful and useful analysis.

Scott Scrivner
Officer, Planning and Evaluation
Pew Charitable Trusts

Check out our blog post: Advocacy, Policy Reform, and Public Governance where we briefly highlight the methods and findings of three recent evaluations.