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Archive | July, 2023

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Mobile phone-list building with MobileReach

With no “phone book” of mobile phone numbers in Canada, how are you and your organization expanding your reach to Canadians via mobile? Stratcom’s solution, MobileReach, is a list of likely mobile phone numbers which can be used with text, live calling, or broadcast voice message to reach and engage Canadian audiences. MobileReach can provide […]

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The Power of Connection: Unleashing the Potential of Telephone Town Halls for Charities

In today’s fast-paced digital age, connecting with supporters and donors in a meaningful way is harder than ever for charities trying to make a lasting impact. Recognizing this, many are discovering the potential and power of telephone town halls (TTHs), leading to their growing integration into the communications plans of non-profits. This dynamic communication tool […]

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Revolutionizing Community Engagement: The Power of Telephone Town Halls

Community engagement is a vital aspect of any successful organization. Whether it’s a non-profit, a union, or a political group, connecting with the community is essential to building trust, establishing credibility, and achieving long-term success. In today’s digital age, there are more communication channels than ever before, but one method that shouldn’t be overlooked is […]

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