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Pandemic paradigm shift offers opportunity for progress

The unprecedented experience of the pandemic is having a major impact on Canadians’ social values and political perspectives.

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Stratcom’s new digital suite of services

As we all know the digital landscape continues to grow and evolve quickly, and in these pandemic days digital communication, engagement and fundraising are indispensable. We’ve put together a series of webinars to showcase our unique digital offering of tools and strategies including text messaging, our likely cell phone list, shortcode and text-to-give. Our texting […]

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U.S. fundraising veterans Tom Siegel, Theresa Curran join forces with Stratcom

Stratcom is very pleased to announce that Tom Siegel and Theresa Curran are joining the Stratcom team as Senior Consultants.  Tom Siegel is best known as the former owner of Donor Services Group (previously Facter Direct), one of the preeminent fundraising firms in the U.S.  Theresa Curran was the Executive Vice President at DSG. With […]

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Building a list of new mobile phone numbers with MobileReach

With no “phone book” of mobile phone numbers in Canada, how are you and your organization expanding your reach to Canadians via mobile? Stratcom is launching a new, innovative tool called MobileReach, where you can find likely mobile phones numbers to build engaged audiences. MobileReach pulls a list of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of […]

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Putting Workers First with the SFL

What does it look like to run a province-wide engagement campaign right when COVID-19 hit? The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour’s (SFL) Putting Workers First campaign is a robust example of engaging, adapting and responding to the public with issues that affect not only Saskatchewanians but Canadians across the country. Context In January 2020, the Saskatchewan […]

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Increased focus on what happens now and in the future of COVID?

It comes as no surprise that COVID-19 has become a key topic in our research of late. We’ve run numerous research projects relating to the pandemic; helping key decision makers understand the changing landscape, views of the public and what it means for work, our communities and each other. And the response has been outstanding. […]

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Spirit of giving through text and online

A big casualty of the stay at home orders during COVID-19 is (unsurprisingly) face-to-face fundraising activities such as canvassing on the street, door-to-door or live events. Charities are now pushed to find new ways of connecting and deepening relationships with their donors that don’t involve in-person contact. As Stratcom has always provided telephone fundraising, we’ve […]

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Connecting with thousands through Telephone Town Halls

With COVID-19 and social distancing orders in place, many organizations quickly switched to Telephone Town Halls (TTHs) to give timely updates, answer pressing questions and get feedback. Union and political clients reached out to their membership and the public to provide updates on implications for workplaces, respond to sudden layoffs and provide resources. They heard […]

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Advocating for the majority, while recognizing (and respecting) outliers in a union

Unions play the important job of advocating for the rights and needs of their members, in addition to promoting fair labour practices for all working people. But how do decisions get made (particularly around collective bargaining) so that they are based on a representative consensus rather than just the loudest voices? Quantitative and qualitative research […]

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3 Reasons why millennials are key to your next fundraising campaign

Right now, more than ever, millennials are plugged in and socially aware. Social media teaches them what’s happening in the world without having to wait for the 6 o’clock news or morning newspaper. Millennials don’t just learn about social issues differently from previous generations, they support and engage with them differently too. So, what does […]

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