Broadcast Voice Messages

Connect directly to your audience with a pre-recorded message

Stratcom pioneered integrating Broadcast Voice Messages (BVMs) with communications and campaign strategies in Canada. A Broadcast Voice Message is simply a pre-recorded message by someone from your organization, like your CEO, front line service worker, or celebrity endorsements, that can be delivered to thousands of your supporters almost instantaneously.

Easy, quick and cost-effective, BVMs build participation and awareness among members, supporters, and the public. Broadcast Voice Messages also work to raise awareness at critical times and deliver your message when it counts. BVMs can also be interactive for those who answer live and thereby gather information from your target audience or offer to transfer them to another phone, such as an elected official’s office to voice concerns or to a call center to book appointments. Our tests have proven, BVM’s increase turn-out at events, increase response to call-to-actions, and higher turnouts for elections.

Stratcom’s team will work with you to design the message and strategy—all you need is a list to call and a message to communicate broadly.

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Stratcom's approach

Step 1

Rent or create your list

Create or segment a list of your supporters or members that you want to engage. If you don’t have a list, or want a bigger list to call, we can get you one. You can rent our MobileReach cellphone list, or inquire about our geographically-targeted landline lists.

Step 2

Script your message

In consultation with our Stratcom team, hone your message into the best script for your engagement campaign.

Step 3

Record your message(s)

Using our simple, easy-to-access recording process, you’ll record your message in your own voice.

Step 4

Launch your campaign

Once we’ve confirmed all the details, we’ll launch the outbound dial to your list.

Step 5

Reporting and results

Once completed, you’ll get a dial report and results (as applicable).

Our BVM services

Interactive Broadcast Voice Messages

Looking to receive feedback from your list when you call them? With IBVMs, set-up a simple automatic polling program via the caller’s keypad to gather responses.


Patchthroughs connect supporters directly to a decision-maker. The Stratcom team programs the call so that supporters can “patch-through” to a phone number you’ve identified (e.g. important decision-maker) to have their voices heard directly.

in Action

in Action

Political campaigns
  • Voter ID
  • Get Out the Vote (GOTV)
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Invite supporters to events
Labour unions
Advocacy organizations

Using Stratcom’s patch-throughs, we were able (in a matter of days!) to have thousands of our supporters connect to their local representatives to call for paid sick days. This service has been vital to our public pressure campaign in support of workers in both Ontario and BC.

Josh Coles
Director Membership Mobilization & Political Action