Get Out the Vote Live Calling Programs

Personal, live phoning service to targeted voters during elections campaigns

Working with Stratcom’s experienced staff and consultants, build a live calling program that identifies and connects to voters who you want at the polls in Advanced Polls or on Election Day. Through hands-on experience, both as voter contact strategists and implementers, we have developed sophisticated and successful approaches at using voter contact tools in election campaigns. We can help deliver and best integrate your live calling GOTV program with texting, broadcast voice calls, door visits and social media.

Stratcom works with every client to tailor a voter contact program to match client needs and goals while ensuring a balance between quality and efficiency. We deliver high-quality, high-volume and fast results through a strong project management team that is consistently monitoring the calling, as well as recruiting and training top-notch, politically-astute callers in our unionized call centre.

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Stratcom's approach

Step 1

List development

Determine your targeted list of voters.

Step 2

Create live calling program

Working with Stratcom staff and consultants, develop your live calling script, data collection, timing and overall strategy.

Step 3

On-going reports & results

Receive and review daily reports from Stratcom’s call centre. We can also deliver daily result data if that is required.

Step 4

Final reporting

At the conclusion, review reports and receive records to update your voters lists.

Get Out The Vote
in Action

Get Out The Vote
in Action

Election campaigns
An indispensable tool for any political campaign to achieve a live connection to your voters to make sure they get to the polls.

Stratcom’s live GOTV calling has been an indispensable service for our campaign. Their experience, attention to detail, and quick response to various on-the-fly adaptations to our calling needs over the duration of the program were greatly appreciated, and contributed significantly to the overall outcomes of our work.

Trevor McKenzie-Smith
Campaign Manager

Saskatchewan NDP