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New Director of Engagement of Stratcom, Carla Mundwiler

Stratcom is pleased to announce that Carla Mundwiler has been promoted to the role of Director of Engagement at Stratcom.

Carla’s journey with Stratcom began five years ago when she assumed the role of Engagement Specialist. As her position has developed within the company, she has played an instrumental role in the growth, development, and strategic oversight of the Engagement Team, with a specific focus on enhancing our engagement initiatives. Her commitment to assisting our clients in meeting their goals and her professionalism have been a cornerstone in ensuring the seamless delivery of services to our dynamic and progressive clientele.

Carla is driven by a profound passion for both art and activism. Continuously utilizing her voice as a vehicle for advocating social justice and progressive change, she has volunteered for numerous campaigns, demonstrating a particular affinity for voter mobilization on Election Day. Recently returning to her hometown of Winnipeg after two decades in Toronto, Carla is thrilled to be situated in close proximity to the epicenter of reconciliation.

In a significant personal and professional development, Carla has recently returned to her hometown of Winnipeg after a two-decade stint in Toronto. This relocation places her in close proximity to the epicenter of reconciliation, a move that she finds profoundly gratifying.

We take great pleasure in announcing her promotion to a senior leadership position within Stratcom.

New Manitoba Office for Stratcom

Stratcom is excited to announce the opening of our first Manitoba office, further solidifying our commitment to serving clients across Canada.

Our new Manitoba office will serve as a strategic hub to enhance our support for clients in the Prairies, providing them with personalized service and local expertise. The new office will be headed by Carla Mundwiler, Stratcom’s resident Manitoban and Director of Engagement.

This expansion represents a milestone for Stratcom, and we are eager to continue contributing to the success of our clients in the Prairies.

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