Empowering Education: Celebrating International Day of Education with a Spotlight on Union Support

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January 24th is the International Day of Education and, at Stratcom, we are proud to be actively involved in supporting education-related unions, teachers, and public education initiatives in Canada. We are committed to empowering unions through research, engagement, and strategic consultation. We understand the significance of robust research and effective communication strategies in advocating for the rights and well-being of educators.

Our Services:

Quantitative Research

Through comprehensive polling, we gather valuable insights that enable unions to make informed decisions and advocate effectively for their members. Our polling allows unions to measure member satisfaction, prioritize issues for collective bargaining, or understand the variety of opinions and concerns of their membership on particular issues.

Qualitative Research

Our commitment to thorough research empowers unions with the information needed to address challenges, identify trends, and advocate for positive change. Our focus groups (both in-person and virtual) produce in-depth exploratory conversations to help unions better understand their members and the issues that affect them. Virtual (online) focus groups have the added benefit of convening members across broad geographic areas.

Telephone Town Halls

Facilitating open and direct communication, our telephone town halls connect union leaders with their members, fostering transparency and engagement. Give a leadership report, consult members pre-bargaining, or win support for a contract vote.

Texting Services

In the digital age, quick and efficient communication is essential. Our texting services enable unions to reach their members promptly, convey important information, and mobilize members. Texting is also used to confirm and update members’ contact information.

Broadcast Voice Messages

Amplifying union messages through broadcast voice messages ensures that vital information reaches a wide audience, contributing to a stronger sense of community and solidarity. Stratcom’s patch-throughs are able to connect thousands of supporters to their local representatives to call for change – a vital component of public pressure campaigns in support of workers.

Success Story – ETFO

In 2023, our collaboration with the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) garnered widespread attention, being covered by major news outlets across Canada.

Stratcom’s comprehensive survey with almost 25,000 ETFO members found that a staggering 77 per cent of them reported personally experiencing violence or witnessing violence against fellow staff members. This alarming statistic sheds light on the prevalence of violence in Ontario schools which ETFO members state is increasing dramatically year-over-year due to the lack of supports in an extremely underfunded public education system. ETFO President, Karen Brown, has called on the Ford government to “take immediate action to address the unacceptable and troubling level of violence in schools”.

CTV News, CBC News, and The Toronto Star are just three of the news organizations that highlighted the survey findings, drawing attention to the pressing issues faced by Ontario’s educators. This project exemplifies the impact of our services in creating awareness and facilitating positive change within the education sector.

As we celebrate the International Day of Education on January 24th, Stratcom remains committed to its mission of supporting unions, teachers, and public education. Our diverse range of services aims to empower unions in their advocacy efforts, ensuring that the voices of educators are heard and respected. Through ongoing collaboration and strategic consultation, we look forward to contributing to the advancement of education for generations to come.

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