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Carla Mundwiler

Director of Engagement


As a leading member of the Research and Engagement team, Carla plays a key role in overseeing the Engagement Team as well as the entire lifecycle of Telephone Town Halls, Broadcast Voice Messages, and Interactive Broadcast Voice Messages, including IVR Polling. Her dedication ensures the delivery of seamless services to a diverse clientele with progressive values.

Carla is driven by a profound passion for both art and activism. Continuously utilizing her voice as a vehicle for advocating social justice and progressive change, she has volunteered for numerous campaigns, demonstrating a particular affinity for voter mobilization on Election Day. Recently returning to her hometown of Winnipeg after two decades in Toronto, Carla is thrilled to be situated in close proximity to the epicenter of reconciliation.

Carla studied Film at the University of Manitoba as well as Politics and Public Administration at Metropolitan University in Toronto. She would like you to know that she received an A+ in her Ethics course.

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