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We focus on strategic polling for political and public interest campaigns.

We have conducted hundreds of political polls and focus groups as well as more than a dozen successful Mayoral campaigns.

In the political and public affairs field, we provide baseline and tracking studies to profile voters and determine the trajectory of vote intentions, as well as issue management and policy assessment studies to underpin campaign communications.  Stratcom also provides targeting analysis to support campaign implementation on the ground and through various channels. We also provide customized policy development services such as stakeholder engagement and perception audits aimed at refining policy options for progressive candidates.

In addition to our full-scope in-house quantitative and qualitative research services, we maintain a global network of partnerships that give us the capacity to provide a full range of contemporary research tools.

In a typical polling program, Stratcom would provide all project management, study design and questionnaire writing, post-interview weighting, data analysis, interpretation, and an in-person presentation of findings. We would also send you a final report containing all data tables including frequencies, cross-tabulations, and any other statistical reports or analysis conducted.

A 56 Winning percentage over 27 Campaigns

Stratcom’s post-election telephone polls of our membership in several provinces helped our union better understand what works best when it comes to mobilizing members in support of NDP candidates at election time. This research has made our Steelworkers Vote campaigns more successful.

Scott Lunny
Assistant to Director
United Steelworkers District Three,
Western Provinces & Territories

Know your base: how IVR Polling helps you win campaigns or stay informed

No longer is polling a luxury only afforded by large campaigns or organizations.

Knowledge of public opinion is the bedrock of any successful political or public education campaign. Public perception shifts and is often varied. Without a strong grasp of your campaign’s strengths, and an equal understanding of the weaknesses in your messaging, your efforts may miss the mark. When it comes to your the attitudes of your target audience, you can’t afford to guess.

IVR polling is simple, effective, and substantially cheaper than other polling alternatives. The poll instrument is recorded by professional voice talent, and respondents answer by pressing buttons on their phone. Stratcom provides step-by-step guidance on designing the poll, drafting the script, recording, and analyzing results. At the end of the dialing period, Stratcom will give you the full results and cross tabulations, and a comprehensive report with analysis from Stratcom’s research consultants.

Faster and less expensive than live phone or online polls, IVR polling is an effective option for campaigns of any size. Our experience has shown that IVR polling, when done right, can be as accurate as other methods for a fraction of the cost. For a thorough snapshot of your electorate or supporter base, contact us at surveys[at]stratcom.ca