Connecting with thousands through Telephone Town Halls

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With COVID-19 and social distancing orders in place, many organizations quickly switched to Telephone Town Halls (TTHs) to give timely updates, answer pressing questions and get feedback. Union and political clients reached out to their membership and the public to provide updates on implications for workplaces, respond to sudden layoffs and provide resources. They heard from thousands as participants asked questions, voiced concerns and discussed issues, including what it meant to return to work, eligibility for government benefits, health and safety information and confirming rights and responsibilities for members.

Telephone Town Halls are also being used to replace Annual and General Membership Meetings for long and large-scale events. With TTHs, we are able to utilize the multi-tool formulations to move motions and elect members while keeping up with the much bigger demand of members to share accurate information quickly.

The work to keep up with increasing number of Telephone Town Halls was challenging, but rewarding. Many of our clients are frontline organizations – delivering essential work keeping Canadians safe. While yet other clients’ members were devastated by layoffs, Stratcom has found it incredibly important to respond quickly and provide an effective means for organizations to communicate accurately with members and the public.

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