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A big casualty of the stay at home orders during COVID-19 is (unsurprisingly) face-to-face fundraising activities such as canvassing on the street, door-to-door or live events. Charities are now pushed to find new ways of connecting and deepening relationships with their donors that don’t involve in-person contact. As Stratcom has always provided telephone fundraising, we’ve also been incorporating new approaches; finding and engaging donors through text (e.g. Prompt.io, Stratcom’s new messaging platform) and social media. We’ve seen success doing online lead generation and telephone conversion with our current clients and expect similar trends in the future.

As charities are exploring new ways of connecting with donors, some are finding great success. We’ve seen it in our results that donations have gone up during this time, not only in the number of donors, but also in single donation amounts. And it makes sense too. While the world is grappling with the fears of a pandemic, the global community is collectively coming together to offer help and support in whatever ways they can.

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