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We have designed and managed telefundraising campaigns for the Canadian non-profit sector since our inception in 1991.

Telefundraising is a key fundraising tool for non-profits. This is particularly true for organizations that want to maximize the value of their monthly donor file. Integrating telefundraising with direct mail, online, and other fundraising efforts will ensure that annual giving programs maximize donor revenue and retention. Calling provides you with an opportunity to have a personal two-way conversation that will create increased awareness for your organization and strengthen your relationship with your supporters.

Stratcom operates three call centres in Canada (in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa) and partners with a fourth in Brighton, UK.  All our centres utilize state-of-the-art dialing and data-capture equipment. Between the four centres, we have over 150 highly trained call centre agents who are passionate and dedicated to non-profit causes and have a strong affinity with our work and our philosophy. This translates into a highly motivated and knowledgeable team of callers.

We have the capacity to run a full range of fundraising programs in English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese and Punjabi.

Telefundraising is the most effective way to recruit monthly donors from among existing donors and to upgrade existing monthly donors. It is also extremely effective for reactivating lapsed donors and acquiring new ones from warm lead lists. We conduct hundreds of telefundraising campaigns every year including:

Our experience shows that success depends not just on the volume of calling, but on the quality of the call. Our quality control includes daily statistical analysis and real time monitoring. More importantly, our call centre staff are the best you will find. We screen and hire carefully, provide ongoing training and supervision and we retain our callers. Unlike traditional call centres, Stratcom has very low turnover. The majority of our call staff are university-educated. Further, our staff’s strong affiliation with our clients’ causes combined with their extensive non-profit experience ensures they are highly effective at strengthening donor and member relationships and maximizing donor revenue.

I recently received a call from Stratcom, on behalf of the AFP’s Every Member Campaign. I was impressed by the professionalism of the caller and with the knowledge and courtesy they extended to me. When considering who I would appoint for my own small phone campaign, Stratcom was the first company I contacted—and ultimately selected.

Ania Kordiuk
United Way of Peel Region

For the last decade Strategic Communications has made a very positive contribution to the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s fundraising efforts and have particularly helped to build the value of our monthly donor file. They have converted single donors to monthly donors, upgraded existing monthly donors, and reactivated the support of lapsed monthly donors. They are professional and easy to work with, produce excellent results, and are flexible and responsive to our scheduling and data needs.

Kristian Dart
Manager, Inter-Provincial Direct Marketing
Heart and Stroke Foundation

With the help of Strategic Communications we’ve continued to grow our monthly donor program year after year well beyond industry standards. Their well informed and passionate phone room does a tremendous job as our ambassadors for the animals.

Shoni Field
Direct Response Guardian

We have worked with Stratcom since 2004. Over the years Stratcom has become a key part of our fundraising team. They have provided us with a variety of excellent telefundraising programs including programs to convert annual donors to monthly donors, to upgrade monthly donors as well as reactivate lapsed donors. Stratcom’s telephone team has always provided us with professional services. In addition Stratcom has provided us with valuable recommendations and new ideas on how to conduct telephone programs particularly in the area of enhancing our monthly donor file.

Loretta Lawrence
Director of Philanthropy
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

Telefundraising is particularly effective for increasing your monthly donor base as well as reactivating lapsed donors and acquiring new ones from warm lead lists. We conduct hundreds of telefundraising campaigns every year including:


Animal Charities


Results of two Animal Charity organizations’ telefundraising strategies illustrate how telefundraising can be effectively used to build a strong monthly donor base.