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How to Use Text to Support Your Upcoming Charity Fundraising Event

As spring approaches, preparations are under way at many charities that sponsor participatory fundraising events. The success of any charity fundraising event depends heavily on supporter participation. Text (SMS) can not only support the recruitment and registration of event participants, it can also be used to deepen participant engagement and bring them closer to the…

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Navigating Electronic Communication: Best Practices for Charities under Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Effective communication is essential for charities to engage with their donors. However, for organizations in Canada, adherence to the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) adds an extra layer of complexity. While commercial entities must navigate stringent regulations, charities enjoy exemptions, allowing them to connect with supporters without the need for opt-ins or prior two-year business relationships….

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How New Trends, Integrated Marketing, and Digital Best Practice Can Help Fuel Your Fundraising Success in 2024

We recently hosted a webinar that explored new trends and best practices for fundraising as we adapt to 2024’s technological changes and economic shifts. We looked at digital fundraising best practices, and the often-overlooked role of advertising in fundraising. We also dove into practical uses of AI, why traditional tools are still important – maybe…

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Welcoming Brian Roy to Stratcom UK: A New Chapter in Progressive Campaign Leadership

We are thrilled to announce that Brian Roy, a distinguished senior figure in the UK and Scottish Labour Party, has joined Stratcom UK as a Senior Associate. Brian brings over two decades of invaluable experience in political and public policy campaigning, along with a deep understanding of media, communications and the labour and trade union…

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